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Caroline Myss goes back to the mystical way

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“…because that’s where the wisdom is.”

Caroline Myss was interviewed in Chicago by Lilou Mace for Lilou’s Juicy Living Tour on August 3, 2011. The conversation is truly amazing, very insightful.

From the description: Caroline Myss is a five-time New York Times bestselling author and internationally renowned speaker in the fields of human consciousness, spirituality and mysticism, health, energy medicine, and the science of medical intuition.

Freedom of humbleness, Finding your light, Mystical path and Grace

She was interviewed by Mary Phelan for Telepathic TV on March 11, 2007. They discussed her book, Entering the Castle.

Caroline Myss recorded the wonderfully intense, in-depth video, The Energetics of Healing, in 1997.

From the description: Explore the unseen dimension of your body’s energy anatomy. Beyond the threshold of your physical anatomy lies another type of anatomy – invisible to the eye, yet critical to your health. Composed of pure energy, this vast network not only determines how your body functions and heals, but also serves as a connection to divine power and all life.

The Energetics of Healing (2 parts)

Osho says criminals need meditation, not prison; Dalai Lama agrees

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Osho said, in his book From Unconsciousness to Consciousness, “Something is basically wrong somewhere. What they are doing is unrelated to the problem. The person who is committing a crime is not a criminal, he is a sick person. He need not be thrown into a jail and tortured, he has to be put into a psychiatric hospital and served there, medically, respectfully. It is not his fault.

You must know there was a time when mad people were thought to be criminals and they were thrown into prison, and there they were beaten. It was only a few hundred years ago that it occurred to anyone that these people are not criminals, they are suffering from a certain disease. By beating them you cannot beat the disease out. You are simply being idiotic. They need treatment, and you are mistreating them. And the same is true about all criminals, because I don’t see that any criminal is born a criminal. The way he is brought up, the society in which he is brought up, makes him a criminal. And once his mind starts becoming criminal, then you have to change the whole way of his mind. It is no use chaining him, throwing him into jail, beating him — it does nothing. It is simply reinforcing in him that when he comes out he will be a confirmed criminal, a graduated criminal.

Your imprisonments, your prisons, are universities for criminals, from which they graduate. So once a man goes to jail, he comes out having learned many things from old criminals with whom he has been there. And all that he learns from your behavior is that to commit the crime is not the crime, but to be caught is the crime. So he learns ways not to be caught.

You have to change the track of his mind which moves into criminality. And that can be done. Biochemistry can be of much help, medicine can be of much help, psychiatry can be of much help. Now we have every resource to make that man a dignified human being.

Service is not needed, what is needed is a sharing of your consciousness — your knowledge, your being, your respect — but first you must have it.

To me the greatest problem of humanity is that they don’t know anything of meditation. To me, that is the greatest problem. Neither the population, nor the atom bomb, nor hunger… no, these are not basic problems; they can be easily solved by science.

The only, basic problem that science will not be able to solve is that people don’t know how to meditate.”

The Dalai Lama said, “If every 8 year old in the world is taught meditation, we will eliminate violence from the world within one generation.”

Deepak Chopra offers Spiritual Solutions

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This is an excellent Google Talks interview with Deepak Chopra from May 2, 2012, discussing his book, Spiritual Solutions: Answers to Life’s Greatest Challenges.

Deepak also discussed the book with Alan Steinfeld of New Realities.

Marion Woodman interview archive

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It has been said that Marion Woodman is “one of the wisest women in the world.” She is a brilliant Jungian analyst, mystic, healer, writer and international speaker. It is true that her work is inspiring, healing and whole-making. To share a glimpse into the world of Marion Woodman, I searched the web and gathered links to every interview I could find. If you know of any others, please let me know and I will update the list. Otherwise, do enjoy these, they are wonderful…

Marion Woodman: “When I say the feminine, I don’t mean gender. I mean the feminine principle that is living—or suppressed—in both men and women. The feminine principle attempts to relate. Instead of breaking things off into parts, it says, Where are we alike? How can we connect? Where is the love? Can you listen to me? Can you really hear what I am saying? Can you see me? Do you care whether you see me or not?”

Empowering Soul Through the Feminine

Inner Man, Inner Woman
December 1993 – M.E.N. magazine

An Interview with Marion Woodman
November 1995 – M.E.N. magazine

The Dark Goddess Returns

Marion Woodman Profile
May 13, 1996 – Maclean’s magazine

An Interview with Marion Woodman
November 1, 1997 – The London Free Press

Abandoned Soul, Abandoned Planet

Robert Bly and Marion Woodman
Over a Decade of Magic in Working Together

1998 – M.E.N. magazine

Marion Woodman Interview
November 1998 – Yoga Journal

Slow Down and Meet Your Sacred Feminine
January 1999 – New Times

Taming Patriarchy
The Emergence of the Black Goddess

Fall/Winter 1999 – EnlightenNext magazine

Conscious Femininity
A Speech by Marion Woodman

September 2004 – 3rd Annual Women & Power Conference

Men Are From Earth, And So Are Women
Marion Woodman on the Inner Marriage of the True Masculine and the True Feminine

August 2006 – The Sun

I had a marvellous dream about a metaphor machine…
2007 – Ascent magazine

Marion Woodman video interview
2009 – PBS “Life (Part 2)”

8 Ways of Looking at Power
The Power of the Feminine

September 2009 – O, The Oprah Magazine

Jungian Analysis, Eating Disorders and the ‘Great Work’
May 21, 2010 – Huffington Post

* Marion Woodman books, audio-books, lectures and DVDs
* Marion Woodman Foundation website

the feel box

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is it real only to you
is reality
a thing we choose
or sit right down
beside the snake
sit down and just
just wait
for the turning tune
the next phase
of the moon
is it really too soon
to show
to be
to know
to see
a change in me
all these strange things
holding on
down so many wells
just wonder if I
can really tell
if it’s real
if we’re healing
completely feeling

John Bradshaw says Heal the Shame

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I was recently introduced to a wonderful healer, John Bradshaw, and I am very happy to share a talk based on his book, Healing the Shame that Binds You. This is really good stuff. Happiness is our true nature.

A Guide to Shadow Symptoms

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In this list, the “symptom” is what we may think or feel about a person or situation. However, in healing and becoming whole/holy, it can be very helpful to know that the symptom is not the complete truth, but is actually a projection from our Shadow. This means that we deny, ignore, or suppress our true thoughts and feelings (usually without even realizing it), so those thoughts become unconscious “shadow forms” which appear in our lives as the symptoms. When we recognize the symptom, we can then translate it back to its original shadow form (the truth in ourselves that we ignore), and with this new awareness of our true feelings, we can begin to heal.

“I looked, and looked, and this I came to see:
That what I thought was you and you,
Was really me and me.”
an old proverb

From Ken Wilber’s excellent book, No Boundary:

The Common Meaning of Various Shadow Symptoms
A Guide for Translating Symptoms Back to Their Original Shadow Forms

Symptom Its Original Shadow Form
Pressure Drive
Rejection (“Nobody likes me.”) “I wouldn’t give them the time of day!”
Guilt (“You make me feel guilty.”) “I resent your demands.”
Anxiety Excitement
Self-consciousness (“Everybody’s looking at me.”) “I’m more interested in people than I know.”
Impotence/frigidity “I wouldn’t give him/her the satisfaction.”
Fear (“They want to hurt me.”) Hostility (“I’m angry and attacking without knowing it.”)
Sad Mad!
Withdrawn “I’ll push you all away!”
I can’t. “I won’t, damnit!”
Obligation (“I have to.”) Desire (“I want to.”)
Hatred (“I despise you for X.”) Autobiographical gossip (“I dislike X in myself.”)
Envy (“You’re so great.”) “I’m a bit better than I know.”

Marianne Williamson says Forgive Your Parents

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From her amazing book, A Return to Love:

“There is no coming to consciousness without forgiving our parents. Whether we like it or not, our mother is our primary image of an adult woman, and our father is our primary image of an adult man. If we hold grievances against our mother, then if we are a man, we will not be able to escape the projection of guilt onto other adult women who come into our lives; and if we are a woman, we will not be able to escape self-condemnation as we grow into our womanhood. If we hold grievances against our father, then if we are a woman, we will not be able to escape projection of guilt onto other adult men who come into our lives; and if we are a man, we will not be able to escape self-condemnation as we grow into our manhood.”

“That’s it. … Healing occurs in the present, not the past. We are not held back by the love we didn’t receive in the past, but by the love we’re not extending in the present.”

Caroline Myss says Heal Yourself

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“Being Fearless” is the keynote address given by Caroline Myss in April 2008 at the Omega Institute for Holistic Studies in New York City. She is a mystic, writer/speaker, and a medical intuitive, sharing insight on true healing and complete health.

an excerpt about healing and prayer:

“You have to become irrational. You have to become fully and totally mystically irrational. Not emotionally irrational, because that’s self-serving. You have to become mystically irrational. Mystically irrational means you have to become… mystically fearless. You have to be able to do what your mind would give you logical reasons to not do. You have to be everything your soul beckons you to be and everything your mind tells you to be cautious about. You have to become forgiving. You have to become bold in a way that your soul recognizes. The mystical experience is about your capacity to perceive fully in a hologram at the speed of light. To get the consequences of an action that your mind will say doesn’t matter, but every part of your soul knows–this matters. This matters. Everything matters. The soul measures everything and every piece of life matters to the soul. To the mind, in its arrogance, it says “only the people who matter to me matter.” To live through the soul is your highest calling. And to build a soul with stamina, you cannot do that on visualization. It requires prayer.”

“So let me just say a word about prayer. [...] The purpose of prayer is to leave the Earth. It is to close down your senses and to leave the Earth. It’s to withdraw from the world and enter an altered state of consciousness. To enter a state at the altar in your interior. To withdraw and be present on the inside. Not to ask for favors… but rather you pray to dwell in grace. To simply grow comfortable with the relationship you have yet to fall in love with.” - Caroline Myss

Marianne Williamson: Enchanted Love

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Marianne Williamson was interviewed by Alan Gregg to discuss her work in general and particularly her book, Enchanted Love: The Mystical Power of Intimate Relationships. The book was released ten years ago, but the insight is timeless.

“The problem with most intimate relationships is that they are not romantic. They do not involve a deeper knowing, and thus there is diminished possibility of sacred, transformative sharing. To be truly seen, in all our innocence and glory, is to be truly healed. What we salute in one another, we call forth in one another.” - Marianne Williamson, Enchanted Love


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