Sinéad O’Connor concerts

Sinéad O’Connor is one of my favorite musicians, so I am sharing six amazing concerts that were broadcast on the radio and are unavailable for purchase anywhere. Sinéad’s live performances are full of raw emotion and passion, and her voice is an amazing instrument. I hope you enjoy these shows and support her future projects.

A live performance of “Troy” filmed in London, 1988:

15 Responses to “Sinéad O’Connor concerts”

  1. Hello!!!!
    thanks for sharing these amazing concerts…
    thanks a lot!!!!!!!!!

  2. Awesome! Get here all of a sudden and it’s a big present for me:)
    Do you have this recordings in mp3 format only, or you’ve got lossless versions as well?

  3. thank you very have made my day

  4. Alessandro Says:

    Thank you so much for this. I’m an Italian Sinead Fan, where are you from?

  5. thankyou so much, i love it.

  6. jean-philippe Says:


  7. Waw! Thank you so much for sharing this! I enjoy this so much!!! The sound is amazingly good! Great!

    Good vibes to you!

  8. Jack Stepney Says:

    Thanks for this – wonderful! I was at the concert in London in 1990 (Hammersmith Appollo if I remember right) – and it was superb.

    Thanks for the effort.



  9. Grecolar Says:

    Thank you very much… I connect with her feelings and emotions, she is so special. Thank you.

  10. fuzzychris Says:

    Very wonderful, many thanks!

    Any chance track 5 from the boston show worked for anyone else? it’s broken for me.

  11. Thank you thank you thank you! Made my day!

  12. I Have 25 recorded live shows. If someone is interested in…

  13. Allow me to add my thanks for these as well, I’d only “Year of the Horse” and Live in Belgium, so this is a real treat!!

    Thanks again,

    Best Holidaze wishes


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