Diamanda Galas interview

There is a great new interview with Diamanda Galas in “Arthur” magazine: “VENGEANCE IS HERS: a conversation with DIAMANDA GALAS”. Diamanda is also featured on the cover! She is promoting her latest album, Guilty! Guilty! Guilty! (which is brilliant).

a quote from Diamanda:

“People don’t read here [in the US]. If people don’t read, then something happens to the brain. It stops diversifying, it stops building new labrynthine cellular structures. It’s like you don’t exist without a vocabulary of more than seven words. Then what’s going to happen? It’s 7 x 7 is 49 and that’s the end of it.

In Mexico, South America, Italy, Portugal, Greece, places like this, everything is fine. Then I come back and I see the garbage that passes itself off as radical shit. Just . . . makes . . . me . . . I see these boys in their mothers’ nightgown at nighttime pretending to be rappers, for the record company. It’s this commissioning by the music industry to sound like a fucking moron so you can convince other people to sound like a fucking moron so they can all be fucking morons together, and make no progress while some fucker who’s sounding like a moron is making a million dollars. And that, I think, is evil. That is an inaccuracy, as inaccurate as if to say that Puff Daddy is anything but a little rich boy who went to Princeton University, got out of there and then pretended this moronic crap. And that just makes me sick, because you have to spend a lot of fuckin’ money to go to Princeton University. That’s the fraternity capitol of the world.”

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