Schopenhauer said…

“However old we become, we yet feel within ourselves that we are absolutely the same as we were when we were young … This thing which is unaltered and always remains absolutely the same, which does not grow old with us, is just the kernel of our inner nature, and that does not lie in time … We are accustomed to regard the subject of knowing, the knowing I, as our real self … This, however, is the mere function of the brain, and is not our real self. Our true self … it is which produces that other thing, which does not sleep with it when it sleeps, which also remains unimpaired when that other thing becomes extinct in death … The character itself … is still exactly the same now as then. The will itself, alone and by itself, endures; for it alone is unchangeable, indestructible, does not grow old, is not physical but metaphysical, does not belong to the phenomenal appearance, but to the thing in itself that appears.”

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