Osho speaks

Osho was a mystic and professor of philosophy who often spoke against institutionalized religion. I am currently reading the Osho series on Joy, Intuition, Creativity, Intelligence and Awareness. Snarky at times, but very insightful. You may enjoy hearing him speak in these videos.  He says, “God is a dirty word,” “anybody who gives you a belief system is your enemy,” and “what is the need of nations?” Among other things. Entertaining and enlightening at the same time. Good stuff.

2 thoughts on “Osho speaks”

  1. what can i say for osho, because that type of man naver born, never die
    hum kah sakte hain ki kamne osho ke hone ko dekha hai.


  2. i think rather differently of osho. he oversimplifies things, and they sell rather well.. see my post on osho on nookinthewoods.wordpress.com


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