3 poems from last night


when I am clean
nothing seems bad
as though all agents
of sad
went back to bed
I said
when I am clean
no one is mean
to me
I see the sky
and all that fly
as signs that I
am free
when I am clean
I sing
I’m filled with joy
and all the noise
of the world
becomes serene
I am redeemed


“heaven here”

I once was told
that when I die
I go way up
into the sky
but I know there’s nothing
beyond the sky
but space and worlds that I
know nothing of
except that they’re not
the Heaven up above
that I was told
to dream of
instead there’s
peace here
when we’re all
filled with love
there’s only the world
you’re in
so fill it up
with love


“we are we”

could I be hiding
could I be something that’s in there
could I be anywhere
but in here
could we go out
together in a friendly way
could you say
that what I say
is just another way
and nothing you
should take away
from the light of day
should I be hiding
should I be something
in there
I could be anywhere
but in here
there’s nothing to fear
we could go out
in a friendly way

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