Merry Christmas

What is christmas? A spiritual teacher said that Christmas is a “return to innocence as the Holy Child within us all.” Over the years, I’d become numb to the Christmas holiday. I was really turned off by the commercialization of it all, the greed that I saw in children as they opened presents and were upset about what they didn’t get, rather than being grateful for what they were given. This, and the fact that Americans spend so much money on trivial Christmas gifts, while more than half the world suffers in poverty. How can this be right? So, I kind of lost a connection with Christmas in general. That is, until this year, when I had a new perspective on it all. This time it actually started to make sense. Christmas represents the recognition of a constant rebirth in ourselves. Reflecting on the birth of the Holy Child — the unconditioned awareness, love, and pure consciousness — gave me the insight that I, too, am reborn. And not just at Christmas-time, but constantly. The end of the year is a perfect time to reflect on this spiritual/life truth. Recognize that all you’ve been through that year is simply the past, an illusion, and you are reborn, pure and innocent. This is the miracle of the new year, the cycle of life. We are all reborn as the innocent Holy Child. Recognize the true meaning of the virgin birth to manifest it in yourself. Born out of timelessness, reborn into timelessness. You are eternal. You are always forgiven. The power is in your own heart. Merry Christmas.

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