a wave of time

deeper into thought
I almost forgot what I ought
to always keep in mind
that I’m just floating through
on a wave of time
I never was scared
of the end
why be afraid when
you don’t remember how
you begin
seen on a bleak horizon
is a death that comes screaming
while you are rising
what makes it so strange
is the way people re-arrange
thoughts of feeling
and the idea that I should be
kneeling for healing
we’re all kings
these days
and projectors of
the biggest charade
that I am not you
but you know that it’s true
you’ve forgotten the game
that we play
babies, babies, babies
nursing and crying and holding
on to daddy’s scolding
and the love he is
deeper into thought
piece by piece
I find the truth
I sought…

One thought on “a wave of time”

  1. wow! what a great blog you have here! i can’t wait to start listening to all of these though-provoking lectures and great music. thank you so much!

    i dig your poetry, too. much of it reads like really spacious lyrics.



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