has come to me
the depths of nothing
I see
I’ll be
with you in
and places
has come to me
in a laugh filled
with bitterness
and even more
than what is given
to me
only light
can hurt
this thing
it stings
only love
can change
the scene
these wings
in an hour
or two
I go from you
to through
throwing away
years in a day
and then
just waste
as darkness
keeps coming

2 thoughts on “over”

  1. I really love this poem, it is very good.
    It seems the light cannot yet penetrate through the holes, shown in the form with the light in the middle and the darkness cusping above and below. Other obstacles prevent the light from reaching the darkness, yet it seems important to note the light also brings pain.

    My favorite lines are: “throwing away / years in a day”


    1. thank you for the comment. I guess I’m glad I kept the poem up. I had considered removing this one because it’s not as positive as I’d like, but it’s honest, so it remains. I think your favorite line could be the climax of the poem.


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