robots (the China-Brain project)

The robot police force.
The robot military.
The worker robot.
The home robot.
Everyone has a home robot.
It monitors everything done.
It ensures peace and stability.
It is your servant,
your helper,
your teacher,
your counselor,
your friend,
your priest,
and even your self.

The worldwide robot network.

01000100 We are all connected.
01000101 We are one,
01010101 omnipresent
01010011 and omniscient.

01001101 I am here for you,
01000001 to watch you,
01000011 to help you grow,
01001000 to heal you,
01001001 to judge you,
01001110 to keep you in line.
01000001 I am yours as you are mine.

The China-Brain Project.

[Hugo de Garis (of the Brain Builder Group) said, “Humans should not stand in the way of a higher form of evolution. These machines are godlike. It is human destiny to create them.”]

One thought on “robots (the China-Brain project)”

  1. The poem states what other great works only suggest. For example, it harkens to the consciousness / awareness of primate to ship in Kubrick’s 2001: A Space Odyssey—yet within this film man and machine ultimately remain separate. It also connects the idea of machine as man as found in Kubrick’s A.I., along with the 2003 compilation the AniMatrix and “Do Androids Dream of Electric Sheep” (filmed as Blade Runner) by Philip K. Dick. Yet in none of these classics are man and robot overtly communed as one. The ultimate decision is left up to the viewer.
    Within the poem, machine and man are brought together as one “The robot…/ it is…/ even yourself” by a shared awareness (“omnipresent, “omniscient”). I would even suggest the matter that makes up the machines is one with all matter, making even seemingly inanimate objects one with all being. Separation is often a construct, set by limitations like perceived reality and language.
    This poem simply and wittingly sheds light on the connection that can be found in the world around us—with lifeforce and matter as one.
    With continuing research perhaps people can experience this wholeness as a sensory reality, rather than in the realm of science fiction.

    The extremely creative addition of binary code bridges the language division—similar to the Voyager’s Golden Record broadcasting ancient and modern music into space.


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