it’s easy

don’t worry
about anything.
you don’t
really need
there is no
such thing
it’s just a
of greed
not seeing
the seed
or believing
in deed
in true
to simply be
giving freely
as we feed

One thought on “it’s easy”

  1. This speaks of keeping it simple. It is possible worry harms the body /mind/spirit, and it certainly produces no positive outcome or effect on the situation. It is often a struggle to break free of the cyclic nature of worry, and removing obstacles or distractions can aid in this.
    It is oft unseen that earthlings “don’t/ really need”. Very little is needed in life, but we are conditioned /pressured to misconceive this instead of the truth of reality. These distractions make it difficult to see / feel/ heal, and easier to neglect the connections between us all.
    It is true, however, that we all need to “feed”.
    The striking message of the poem is “a/ symptom/ of greed,” with want causing disruption (“not seeing”), and allowing a fog to shroud or busy our thoughts. It is fairly easy to justify need, and distractions occur not only with worry, but our modern sensory input:, TV, video games, and the like.
    “the seed” is perhaps the truth of life, or the beginning of any action which carries a infinite chain effect. It could also reference reality.
    Here, “deed” seems the opposite of greed; not expecting anything in return for positive action. “deed,” our actions, should concentrate on helping others, and not furthering our own wants, with “true responsibility” being to others and the earth as a whole.
    If we are “giving freely,” we are really helping ourselves, as all are one.

    On a personal level, I think of need as a symptom of greed every time I want to go to Target and buy… something. A table, perhaps, or an RCA cable. I have lived well thus far without these items, and my wanting, even if perceived as need, really is “a symptom of greed”. After the table, I am sure I will find something else I surely need. So but keeping it simple, I may want a couple of things, (even need) but left unfulfilled, other things do not take their place.


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