Krishnamurti enlightens the children

In 1984, spiritual teacher Jiddu Krishnamurti gave an interactive talk with a group of school children, and the lesson was filmed. Krishnamurti invites the children to sit with him and openly express themselves, and he lovingly inspires them to think, ask questions and reflect. The talk begins with a question about the difference between concentration and meditation, then explores various subjects such as corruption, selfishness, image, religion and insecurity. He emphatically says, “Don’t be corrupt. It doesn’t matter if you die for it.” He also says, “don’t ever promise unless you are absolutely going to carry it out.” Krishnamurti’s dramatic closing statements — “You are memory. The whole of your being is memory… Without memory you are nothing… And memory is not truth” — seemed to perplex the kids, but it was all for the sake of expanding minds. Endless thanks to the Krishnamurti Foundations for sharing this video treasure. Watch below.

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