Who are you?

for those “missing the mark”

Who are you?
do you even see
what’s running
and churning
in your own head
Who are you?
a scavenger
a total void
empty of light
taking rays
from anyone
who says
let’s play
Who are you?
a hole
without a soul
a role
passing the day
until you pass away
Who denies life?
weird, weird person
your tongue
is a knife

One thought on “Who are you?”

  1. The head seems a source of madness.
    There is a lack of introspection within this person, as they move through the world as a shell, unaware of others or even ones self. Not knowing the self allows others to define you, causing constant flux.
    The person seems to be missing something, and appears devoid of love (“light,” “soul”). To deny life is to deny the fact that we are all connected, and giving to others is really giving to yourself.
    There is an outward seeking for validation coupled with a lack of self knowledge. Perhaps they fill themselves up with another’s gifts or words, instead of finding worth within.
    Playing a role allows a surface journey to transpire, and helps one avoid going deeper to the journey in ones self. Words are ultimately used as weapons, an easy fight and good shield to keep hiding.

    An interesting dilemma in “Who are you” is who occupies “you”. Often it is the reader (by default), or possibly a specific person. It could even be oneself. Whoever occupies the person of you, then message is the same. Perhaps the subtitle of the poem: “for those ‘Missing the Mark,'” can shed light on this occupied placeholder.


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