Caroline Myss says Heal Yourself

“Being Fearless” is the keynote address given by Caroline Myss in April 2008 at the Omega Institute for Holistic Studies in New York City. She is a mystic, writer/speaker, and a medical intuitive, sharing insight on true healing and complete health.

an excerpt about healing and prayer:

“You have to become irrational. You have to become fully and totally mystically irrational. Not emotionally irrational, because that’s self-serving. You have to become mystically irrational. Mystically irrational means you have to become… mystically fearless. You have to be able to do what your mind would give you logical reasons to not do. You have to be everything your soul beckons you to be and everything your mind tells you to be cautious about. You have to become forgiving. You have to become bold in a way that your soul recognizes. The mystical experience is about your capacity to perceive fully in a hologram at the speed of light. To get the consequences of an action that your mind will say doesn’t matter, but every part of your soul knows–this matters. This matters. Everything matters. The soul measures everything and every piece of life matters to the soul. To the mind, in its arrogance, it says “only the people who matter to me matter.” To live through the soul is your highest calling. And to build a soul with stamina, you cannot do that on visualization. It requires prayer.”

“So let me just say a word about prayer. […] The purpose of prayer is to leave the Earth. It is to close down your senses and to leave the Earth. It’s to withdraw from the world and enter an altered state of consciousness. To enter a state at the altar in your interior. To withdraw and be present on the inside. Not to ask for favors… but rather you pray to dwell in grace. To simply grow comfortable with the relationship you have yet to fall in love with.” – Caroline Myss

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