Betsy Otter Thompson: Walking Through Illusion

Betsy Otter Thompson is the writer of several spiritual books such as The Mirror Theory and You Are What You Think. Her latest, Walking Through Illusion, is a collection of stories told by Jesus, through her as a channel. Each chapter addresses different questions that people may have on their path through life, through the illusion of the world.

Betsy says, “The book is a series of interconnected stories about biblical people who either knew Jesus or knew of him and were influenced by him in one way or another. It is not about Christianity; it is about people who lived long before Christianity began. It is more of an emotional accounting than a historical accounting, suggesting how these individuals might have felt about Jesus, how they might have reacted to his choices, and how they might have grown from doing so. The purpose of the book is to share the love in their experiences to help us with our experiences.”

She hopes the book will “encourage people to live what is right for them now, and remember that we are the creators of our own lives in terms of our emotional conditions.”

Betsy wrote Walking Through Illusion without doing research and without an extensive background in Christianity. Instead, she wrote through the Spirit. “I was raised Episcopalian but know very little about the Bible. I write what I feel has been shared with me through spirit.”

Her contact with the Spirit world began innocently, but was cut short by fear. “The gift revealed itself at 5 years old but because my sister’s reaction to it was so traumatic for me, I stopped doing it. Didn’t honor the gift again until mid-life.”

Reflecting on her childhood, Betsy shares the story in detail: “My mother talked about her grandmother all the time because she loved the woman so much and was always telling me how much I looked like her. So I thought looking like her was a definite asset. To discover if I was like her in other ways, I began talking to her at night. I never told anyone I planned to talk to her so no one told me I couldn’t. Thinking everyone could do this if I could do it, I told my sister who I was talking to and asked her who she talked to. She freaked out. That was my first indication of how the rest of the world might view this gift, so out of fear that she would tell others what I was doing, and they would react as she had, I put an end to my conversations.”

When asked how she felt about communicating with the Spirit, she says, “The conversations were lovely while they were happening. And they are just as lovely now. As far as I’m concerned you can call it anything you want to. Words are all part of the illusion, while the emotion I feel from doing it is my reality. That’s what Walking Through Illusion is all about: that everything that could be is here one day and could be here one day and gone the next is illusion. Everything we feel about the illusion is our reality.”

“Words are simply noises coming out of our mouths.
It is the emotion behind the words that impacts us.”
– Betsy Otter Thompson

Betsy credits another channelled book, A Course in Miracles, with inspiring her to change perspectives, but she keeps her psyche pure by not studying the works of other spiritual teachers. “A Course in Miracles got me started in terms of finally taking responsibility for my life. The first half of my life being about blame. The second half about becoming accountable. But truthfully, Jason, I don’t follow other spiritual people or read their stuff because I want to guarantee that what I hear is pure through me. That doesn’t mean I don’t admire what they are doing. It’s just that for writing purposes, I want to know within my heart that I only heard it within. And before I started writing, I read the 5 books in the Series, Masters of the Far East, 5 times.”

Betsy Otter Thompson has indeed produced a unique work, simply by opening her heart to the Spirit and truth. She’s right on the mark when she says, “It’s much more fun just telling the truth!”

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