The Underworld

The Underworld
the sunless world of the Dead
is truly the deep sleep
in the blinking eye
on the line between
the land and the sky

The Underworld
deep in the earth
we are the seed
spread in the dirt
yes, death is like sex
maybe this I can see
I always return
to the place I can be
and I always can be

the Earth is Mother
there is no other
The Fire of the Sun
is the Paternal one
the stars and galaxies
extended families
through so many lenses
I begin to see
that I am you
and you are me

Naming the Underworld
“Heaven” or “Hell”
is a trick of duality
unholy in itself
in every day
the Spirit does say
that I am always here
in some sort of way

The Underworld
is not a place to fear
even night becomes day
every nightmare goes away
every dream will find its way
every voice will have its say
all the storms will fade
all the eyes that close will open
lies will disappear
even fear
and lo! Behold!
All the People will see
In the Underworld I realize
I Am Everybody
and truly hear
I Am always Here

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