“In the beginning…” Origins of the Sun, Earth and Humanity

These are the best clips from two amazing, eye-opening films (Hubble and Charles Darwin and the Tree of Life). Parts 2 and 3 are no longer on youtube, so download all 3 videos here in mp4 format, and learn the truth — that we are related to all life on the earth. It’s true, we even share DNA with the plants. We are one with the Earth and each other.

One thought on ““In the beginning…” Origins of the Sun, Earth and Humanity”

  1. The most common theory is that the universe came to life by itself, and after that, evolved life on Earth started to appear little by little. This material-based view entails the idea that time and materials are the only prerequisites needed in making something possible – the possibility of a Creator is not even considered.
    However, the essential point is that the universe must have had a beginning and that it cannot be eternal and infinitely old. Even the theories of different scientists indicate this. When they speak about the “big bang,” the birth of galaxies, stars, the solar system and the Earth, they presume that they must have had their beginnings. They are aware of the fact that they have not always been around, even though they do not believe in a special process of Creation. They do not take God into account, but base their theories however on the fact that everything began at once.
    Furthermore, we can also see in practice that there has been a very first special moment. The so-called second main rule of thermodynamics indicates that the universe is going towards a heat death – towards a condition in which all differences in temperatures have disappeared and in which the amount of useful energy will decrease and finally expire. In principle, this decrease in energy can be compared with wood burning in a campfire. When the wood has been burned, it cannot be used again – it becomes useless. It indicates that the amount of useful energy decreases all the time.

    The source: http://www.jariiivanainen.net/beginning1.html


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