Cyndi Lauper’s tribute to John Lennon

One of my favorite artists, Cyndi Lauper, has performed at several John Lennon tribute concerts through the years, and she always does such amazing interpretations of his songs. Very good stuff. Nobody has a voice like this lady.

Working Class Hero, 1990

Hey Bulldog, 1990

Strawberry Fields Forever, 2001

A Day in the Life, 2010

One thought on “Cyndi Lauper’s tribute to John Lennon”

  1. Hey, many thanks for these videos and audios.
    I have one question: I’m looking for the video of the Lennon Tribute concert which took place in Tokyo, december 1990. I’m not talking about the Liverpool one. Have you goy any clue about it? I think it was broadcasted for Japan ppv TV.
    Where have you got this excellent “Hey bulldog” mp3 audio from? It comes from that Tokyo concert.
    There are new videos with this Cyndi performance with more quality in Youtube, for example this out of sync one:

    Thanks from Barcelona.


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