spilling seeds

did you forget his name
already they all
become the same
why even learn
if it’s such a struggle
not to burn
why even turn
when the same way
is just too easy
so keep going
is it personal treason
to keep blowing
for no other reason
than to take the seeds
and hold them dear
as no one holds
the ones already here

One thought on “spilling seeds”

  1. I like this one. But then, a lot of my poetry involves this subject as well. From a philosophical standpoint, I seem to have a fascination with the seed, because it’s a manifestation of life. It’s also why I love water so much. And it’s also why I love the ocean because it’s kind of a combination of water AND seed, whatever it may be, semen or what have you. I like to think it’s semen. I’m ranting.

    So maybe that’s why I appreciate it.


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