John Shelby Spong talks about Jesus for the Non-Religious

“I don’t know of a single biblical theologian of world rank that thinks of the virgin birth as literal history, and I think it’s time we say that to the world at large. Now, you might find one at some of these fundamentalist schools, but they wouldn’t be recognized as scholars in the academies of Christian learning around the world.” – John Shelby Spong

This is a great interview with Bishop John Shelby Spong about Christianity and his book, Jesus for the Non-Religious.

One thought on “John Shelby Spong talks about Jesus for the Non-Religious”

  1. This is an extremely interesting interview for anyone who questions the traditional interpretations of the Gospel. Particularly as regard errors of translation and the fact that, with the Greek translation, dualism came to pervade and blur the message of Jesus. I am surprised that no mention is made by the bishop of the gospel of Thomas, taken down in Copt, a language which might, better than Greek, convey the subtle meaning behind the words.


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