Revelations of Christ book launch

This is an excellent public talk by Swami Kriyananda in Los Angeles at the July 21, 2007, book launch of Revelations of Christ: Proclaimed by Paramhansa Yogananda, Presented by his disciple, Swami Kriyananda.

One thought on “Revelations of Christ book launch”

  1. The Book itself is a ‘marinade’ of splendid poetry, insightful stories and sheer mythology. Chunks and pieces seasoned in symbolic, allegoric, metaphoric language. Well worth studying as the monument of a culture which inspired Christianity and Islam, half of humanity : the People of the Book, those who take the book for sacred and do not fully acknowledge the obvious, that it was put together by thought. ‘God’ may have created ‘The Word’ as he created sentient life, but the word is not what lies beyond the word, the word god is not god and thus is not sacred. The real lies hidden in his creation as silence lies behind all words. Does not the Talmud, dear old Book, say somewhere that only in silence is the unknowable creator of ‘all things’ truly adored?
    ‘Man gave names to all the animals, in the beginning, in the beginning……..’


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