Osho says criminals need meditation, not prison; Dalai Lama agrees

Osho said, in his book From Unconsciousness to Consciousness, “Something is basically wrong somewhere. What they are doing is unrelated to the problem. The person who is committing a crime is not a criminal, he is a sick person. He need not be thrown into a jail and tortured, he has to be put into a psychiatric hospital and served there, medically, respectfully. It is not his fault.

You must know there was a time when mad people were thought to be criminals and they were thrown into prison, and there they were beaten. It was only a few hundred years ago that it occurred to anyone that these people are not criminals, they are suffering from a certain disease. By beating them you cannot beat the disease out. You are simply being idiotic. They need treatment, and you are mistreating them. And the same is true about all criminals, because I don’t see that any criminal is born a criminal. The way he is brought up, the society in which he is brought up, makes him a criminal. And once his mind starts becoming criminal, then you have to change the whole way of his mind. It is no use chaining him, throwing him into jail, beating him — it does nothing. It is simply reinforcing in him that when he comes out he will be a confirmed criminal, a graduated criminal.

Your imprisonments, your prisons, are universities for criminals, from which they graduate. So once a man goes to jail, he comes out having learned many things from old criminals with whom he has been there. And all that he learns from your behavior is that to commit the crime is not the crime, but to be caught is the crime. So he learns ways not to be caught.

You have to change the track of his mind which moves into criminality. And that can be done. Biochemistry can be of much help, medicine can be of much help, psychiatry can be of much help. Now we have every resource to make that man a dignified human being.

Service is not needed, what is needed is a sharing of your consciousness — your knowledge, your being, your respect — but first you must have it.

To me the greatest problem of humanity is that they don’t know anything of meditation. To me, that is the greatest problem. Neither the population, nor the atom bomb, nor hunger… no, these are not basic problems; they can be easily solved by science.

The only, basic problem that science will not be able to solve is that people don’t know how to meditate.”

The Dalai Lama said, “If every 8 year old in the world is taught meditation, we will eliminate violence from the world within one generation.”

2 thoughts on “Osho says criminals need meditation, not prison; Dalai Lama agrees”

  1. Almost everybody today, would agree with this article except when it comes to psychiatry as an alternative to prison, given that psychiatry rarely succeeds in its attempt to make the people in its custody more conscious. The best it usualy does is to quiet down psychotic patients (prisonners) so as to prevent them to act out would be criminal impulses.
    Almost all of us agree that prison toughens rather than softens criminals. And Osho has a point when he says that the criminal is the one who actually gets caught. After all, many in the film industry, among the film and video game makers prosper on exploiting the theme of criminality, of war, of blind justified or unjustified violence, with little or no consideration for the impact it may have on young adolescents. As they make profit exploiting man’s fascination with its own violence they contribute to unleash that violence in the minds of the immature. The rate of murders commited by very young people, sometimes not even twelve years old, is unprecedented.
    What is the point of an institution supposed to curb down criminality, prison, when the overall culture, for the sake of so- called entertainment, promotes violence without restraint, without discrimination, with no other consideration but profit and success?


    1. if we do not stop crime if we do not offer some sort of punishment the crime never stops the criminals will never question thier wrong doings it will build thier desire of taking from the world without earning anything


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