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Nina Hagen’s Gospel Punk

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Nina Hagen’s Personal Jesus was one of my favorite albums of 2010. Her September 17, 2010, concert in Paris was broadcast on TV, and the entire show (30 songs) is on youtube. Watch a few of the best clips below. I also found an interview with Nina speaking in English about the album and her new “gospel punk” sound.

Nina Hagen – Personal Jesus tour
Paris, France (September 17, 2010)
[mp3] [mp4]
setlist: Personal Jesus, Riders on the Storm, LSD, Das Veilchen, Nobody’s Fault But Mine, God’s Radar, Schachmatt, Help Me, Lily of the Valley, Mean Old World, On the Battlefield, Spirit in the Sky, When the Saints Go Marching In, The Lord’s Prayer, Soldat Soldat, All You Fascists Bound to Lose, What It Is, Killer, Atomic Flesh Deluxe, Boom, Like an Angel, My Way, Summertime, Sometimes I Ring Up Heaven, Milky White Way, Ave Maria, This World Is Not My Home, We Shall Overcome, Free Ride, Run On

“Personal Jesus” (Paris 2010)

“Riders on the Storm” (Paris 2010)

“God’s Radar” (Paris 2010)

“Killer” (Paris 2010)

an interview (2010)

Nina Hagen says the “Future is Now”

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German opera singer / punk rocker / cosmic diva Nina Hagen is one of the most outrageous and colorful women in music, and she has one of the most amazing voices ever, to top it off – an unmistakable voice that you will probably never forget. I found a great concert video from the 1999 Rockpalast Festival and some earlier performances, so enjoy! This is an AMAZING concert. Watch highlights below or save the complete mp4 video. There’s also an mp3 version.

7 songs from Rockpalast 1999

2 earlier performances & interviews


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