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This sonic poem happened a few minutes ago. I haven’t been singing much lately, so it’s a rarity.

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“Hold On” by jason elijah

hold on
to what you’ve got
don’t hold on
to what you’ve got
you just let it go
just tell me no
just hold on
just hold on
let it go

hold on
no, no, no, no…

just hang out for
a little while
just hang out
and nod and smile
just hang around
and take what you want
and just go, go away

just hang on
to nothing at all
just tell me
oh, nothing about it
I don’t want to know
just hang around and
take what you need
and then let go
let go of me
just let me be
here alone

The second j elijah album, We Don’t Know Us, is available streaming here. Thanks to everyone who has given their support and feedback, and to all who enjoy the songs, dark and strange as they may be. The album is an intimate gothic serial in nine parts, and of course it’s all about these things inside.

j elijah
We Don’t Know Us


1. Come Back
2. Fly Away
3. Who’s That
4. You Came Down Here
5. Hanging On
6. Blindly
7. Domestic
8. Unaware
9. Out She Comes

She comes in peace is the first official collection of songs by j elijah, available streaming here.

j elijah
She Comes in Peace


1. Here She Comes
2. Breathe
3. Go On
4. Remember
5. All the Time
6. Traveling
7. Throw It Away
8. Hallelujah
9. Stay
10. Happy Town
11. The Blue Dress
12. Sleep in Peace


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