Deepak Chopra: Is There Life After Death?

Author and spiritual teacher Deepak Chopra has been doing interviews to promote his book, Life After Death: The Burden of Proof, which is truly wonderful. I recently listened to the audio book and definitely recommend it. I found a few videos to give you more insight about the book.

Deepak says, “There is a core consciousness that is eternal, that is non-local. For that consciousness, it is impossible to die after the death of the physical body. The reason that’s so is that your core being is non-local, it has no existence in locality, in space or time. And because it’s outside of space and time, it is eternal. Once you’re in touch with that part of yourself which never dies, then you lose the fear of death.”

Life After Death (promo clip)

Allan Gregg interview

Hot Type interview (2 parts)


hard to hold
hard to take
only sleep
never awake
keep it going
machine is running
carrying function
and purpose
of being

hard to believe
hard to see
only dream
never achieve
pistons pushing
each to breathing
in a poisoned
thought of leaving

turn around
voices that carry
life to the end
and promise no worry
tearing out eyes
heart and mind
all is just here
and nothing divine

hard to watch
as engines feed
the decomposition
of everything
hard to care
when they take
me out of
my blissful state


do you ever get
wrapped up emotionally
or emotionally wrapped up
in something or
someone who
doesn’t wrap
their heart in you

do you ever see
or get the feeling
that something’s amiss
in this misdealing

I’ve tried
to give my life
to the essence of life
to the takers of time
to the hand with a knife
to the tip so nice
can mine be released
or must I do it twice

oh god, this again
will it never end
can the heart be opened
to let in the wind
swirls of dust rising
it is here, let them in
the blood can not forget
the message it will send


Have you taken your time
just watch as these things unwind
what comes your way is
a pretty good find
if I’m right then
that’s great
what’s a seal broken
too many times
will the water run out
out the door
out of mine
the ones I hold onto
will just carry me away
on the waves
to another shore
to just sit and watch the tide
another arrival
just take your time