David Bowie: Sound and Vision documentary

“David Bowie is cool” is the closing line of this documentary from 2002, Sound and Vision. He does have an impressive, diverse catalog with at least 26 albums, and they’re all great. This film gives an extensive overview of Bowie’s life and career, and is narrated by Jonathan Pryce.

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David Bowie says watch your ass

“Jump They Say” is a great David Bowie song, and this is an amazing live performance of it from 1993 (lyrics below)…

“Jump They Say” by David Bowie

When comes the shaking man
A nation in his eyes
Striped with blood and emblazed tattoos
Streaking cathedral spires

They say
he has no brain
They say
he has no mood
They say
he was born again
They say
look at him climb
They say ‘Jump’

They say
he has two gods
They say
he has no fear
They say
he has no eyes
They say
he has no mouth

They say hey that’s really something
That you should get some time
I say he should watch his ass
My friend don’t listen to the crowd
They say ‘Jump’
Got to believe somebody
Got to believe

David Bowie live in Germany, 1996

My personal favorite David Bowie era was in 1996 when he was promoting the album Outside. So… I was really happy to find this amazing concert video from the Loreley Festival in Germany, filmed on June 22, 1996. His look, the new band and a new sound with the older songs all combined to make something totally fresh for Bowie, and I think it’s great. Here are my favorite performances from the show. Enjoy! (You can get audio for the complete concert here).

Look Back in Anger

The Heart’s Filthy Lesson


Aladdin Sane

Andy Warhol

The Voyeur of Utter Destruction (As Beauty)

The Man Who Sold the World

David Bowie & Tina Turner

You know, sometimes we like to do things nice and easy, as Tina might say. So tonight I want you to relax and enjoy one of my favorite duets – “Tonight” by David Bowie featuring Tina Turner. This live performance is from one of Tina’s concerts in 1984, with Bowie appearing as a surprise guest. The audience was treated to rare live duets of “Tonight” and “Let’s Dance.” Good stuff.