“In the beginning…” Origins of the Sun, Earth and Humanity

These are the best clips from two amazing, eye-opening films (Hubble and Charles Darwin and the Tree of Life). Parts 2 and 3 are no longer on youtube, so download all 3 videos here in mp4 format, and learn the truth — that we are related to all life on the earth. It’s true, we even share DNA with the plants. We are one with the Earth and each other.

Deepak Chopra says blood evolved from a supernova

Deepak Chopra was interviewed by Hub Culture before speaking at the Governors’ Global Climate Summit at UC Davis earlier this week.

When asked, “What brings you to the conference?” Deepak said: “I’ve been very passionate about the whole realm of well-being — physical, environmental, emotional, spiritual, community, social, financial — and over the years have really understood that we can’t ensure our well-being unless we look at the whole planet as a living organism.

“We have conventions of language and grammar that alienate us from our extended body. We call it ‘the environment’ as if it’s separate from us, but those trees are your lungs. If they didn’t breathe, you wouldn’t breathe. And if you didn’t breathe, they wouldn’t breathe. You know, we are actually one organism. The rivers and waters are your circulation. The Earth recycles as your body.

“Even the sun and the stars and the galaxies are very responsible for this physical body. Even the iron that courses through your blood, that’s hemoglobin — goes to your brain, makes us have this conversation — it was forged in the supernova billions of years ago, and depends on photosynthesis to enter our body. So, we’ve really messed it up. And it’s our science that has messed it up. Because, you know, our science is alienating. Our science is not holistic. It says, ‘me’ and ‘the world,’ when in fact, we are the world.”

Deepak also quotes Einstein: “No problem will ever be solved at the level of consciousness in which we created the problem.”

He says women have to be the leaders: “Even the United Nations knows that the fastest way to change the world is the economic empowerment of women, and otherwise, also the empowerment of women.”

And he closes by saying that unless we have that “spiritual shift,” nothing’s going to happen.

Watch the interview here or save it [mp4].