some Patti Smith tonight…

Yes, Patti Smith is wild and wonderful. In 2007 she released a covers album called Twelve. So here are some great performances, plus the album version of “Smells Like Teen Spirit” because it’s amazing. Three versions of “Teen Spirit” because her spoken-word bit is different each time, and each performance is unique. Two performances of “Gloria” because they’re almost 30 years apart and that’s interesting in itself. Plus, she did “Gimme Shelter,” which tends to be great.

“Smells Like Teen Spirit” (album version)

“Smells Like Teen Spirit” Live in 2007

“Smells Like Teen Spirit” Live in 2008

“Gloria” live in 1979

“Gimme Shelter” (The Rolling Stones) from Later with Jools Holland in 2007

“Gloria” from Later with Jools Holland in 2007

David Bowie live in Germany, 1996

My personal favorite David Bowie era was in 1996 when he was promoting the album Outside. So… I was really happy to find this amazing concert video from the Loreley Festival in Germany, filmed on June 22, 1996. His look, the new band and a new sound with the older songs all combined to make something totally fresh for Bowie, and I think it’s great. Here are my favorite performances from the show. Enjoy! (You can get audio for the complete concert here).

Look Back in Anger

The Heart’s Filthy Lesson


Aladdin Sane

Andy Warhol

The Voyeur of Utter Destruction (As Beauty)

The Man Who Sold the World

Nina Hagen says the “Future is Now”

German opera singer / punk rocker / cosmic diva Nina Hagen is one of the most outrageous and colorful women in music, and she has one of the most amazing voices ever, to top it off – an unmistakable voice that you will probably never forget. I found a great concert video from the 1999 Rockpalast Festival and some earlier performances, so enjoy! This is an AMAZING concert. Watch highlights below or save the complete mp4 video. There’s also an mp3 version.

7 songs from Rockpalast 1999

2 earlier performances & interviews