Stephen Hawking – The Grand Design

Renowned physicist Stephen Hawking recently appeared on Larry King Live (Sept. 10, 2010) to discuss his controversial new book, The Grand Design. Also appearing on the show to share their insights and opinions were co-author Leonard Mlodinow, Jesuit priest Robert Spitzer and Dr. Deepak Chopra. Watch the show below or download in mp4 format.

An interesting question Larry King asked Deepak Chopra:

Larry King: “Where did it come from, our ability to think?”

Deepak Chopra: “It came from the same nothingness from where everything comes from. We have to congratulate Leonard and Stephen for finally contributing to the climactic overthrow of the superstition of materialism, because everything that we call matter comes from this domain which is invisible, which is beyond space and time. All religious experience is based on just three basic fundamental ideas:

1) Transcendence – that there is an intelligence that is beyond space and time, which is acausal, or non-local.
2) The inter-connectedness of all existence.
3) Truth, goodness, harmony, beauty, platonic values, including mathematical truth, that are embedded at the fundamental level of the universe.

And nothing in their book invalidates any of these three ideas — transcendence, inter-connectedness and our desire and our ability to embrace joy, loving-kindness, peace of mind, equanimity, mathematical truth…”