sometimes I want to go down
into another town
and just sit around for awhile
and wonder what will happen
if I just happen to
be there
would you even care
if I was stuck in
a place that I
found in my
own mind
does it really matter
I sometimes want to try
to think of a story
that I can dance in
that I can do
something in
anything, I’m honestly
not really picky
I’ll just do whatever
happens to
be there
would you even care
if there are boxes
with lists about us
telling things
of dreams
or fantasies
sometimes we go somewhere else
and don’t even exist anymore
is that what we dream of
will I still have
an address
can you reach me
in this mess

bleeding / black holes


what have you got to show
for it
for yourself
if anything
why show it
why bleed for anyone

halfway there
and stopping
too soon
you fool
just keep going
just be there

“black holes”

those holes
black holes
never know
when you go there
who is calling to me
who is being me
am I even myself
selfless or selfishly
seeing all things
as myself
through eyes
becoming black holes

the feel box

is it real only to you
is reality
a thing we choose
or sit right down
beside the snake
sit down and just
just wait
for the turning tune
the next phase
of the moon
is it really too soon
to show
to be
to know
to see
a change in me
all these strange things
holding on
down so many wells
just wonder if I
can really tell
if it’s real
if we’re healing
completely feeling

a poem about virgin birth

I recently came across this poem by Angelus Silesius, a 17th Century German mystic and poet…

If by God’s Holy Ghost thou art beguiled,
There will be born in thee the Eternal Child.

If it’s like Mary, virginal and pure,
Then God will impregnate your soul for sure.

God make me pregnant, and his Spirit shadow me,
That God may rise up in my soul and shatter me.

What good does Gabriel’s “Ave, Mary” do
Unless he give me that same greeting too?