Deepak Chopra moderates panel on the nature of reality shared this fascinating video last month of a panel discussion featuring Edward Frenkel, Bernardo Kastrup, Menas Kafatos and Julia Mossbridge, moderated by Deepak Chopra.

“The panel will present divergent world-views and try and come to an understanding that seems reasonable and rational and reconciles science, philosophy, and spirituality.”

the feel box

is it real only to you
is reality
a thing we choose
or sit right down
beside the snake
sit down and just
just wait
for the turning tune
the next phase
of the moon
is it really too soon
to show
to be
to know
to see
a change in me
all these strange things
holding on
down so many wells
just wonder if I
can really tell
if it’s real
if we’re healing
completely feeling