Matt Kahn’s Essential Key of Intention

“May I
no matter what comes my way
be more loving
and courageous
through my words
and actions
for the well-being of all
May every breath
awaken every heart
may every step
return all beings to safety
may every bite of food
nourish all families
my every bring of my eyes
return the earth to peace
may everything I hear
be the sound of consciousness awakening
may everything I see
reveal the growing pains
of the divine’s highest destiny emerging
into the beauty of human form
may every interaction I have
reveal the truth of my being
and even when I encounter those
who don’t treat me the way I intend to be
I can just remember
their actions don’t have to symbolize
anything about me
instead their actions symbolize
how tremendous of a healing journey
they may be on
and may not even know it
and so even when I encounter others
who do not act in accordance with my intention
it doesn’t have to symbolize anything about me
it simply symbolizes how deep of a journey they’re on
and even when I encounter beings like that
I can use it as an opportunity to set another intention
and simply say
may I be
for myself and them
whatever appears missing in this encounter
and then instantly
I am no longer lacking
or needing someone else to change
because I can always intend to become
for myself and others
what seems missing in the encounters I have
for the well-being of all
as I am now.”

(from The Essential Key of Intention)

The Way of the Dream

The Way of the Dream is an in-depth documentary about brilliant psychologist Carl Jung’s work on the significance of dreams. Presented here in four parts, you will get priceless insight into the dream world from Jung’s personal friend and fellow psychologist, Marie-Louise von Franz. The series was filmed in 1987, but this presentation includes new introductions and commentary by Jungian analyst Marion Woodman. The Way of the Dream is truly incredible and it is really sad that people do not realize the importance of dreams. Dreams are truly “the language of the soul.”

“Like all of us, I have the impression that our culture and civilization is in a final stage, that it has entered a stage of decay. I believe that either we shall find a renewal, or else it is the end. And I can only see this renewal coming out of what Jung discovered, namely in our making positive contact with the creative source of the unconscious and with dreams. These are our roots. A tree can only renew itself through its roots. For this reason my message is to urge everyone to turn back to these inner psychic roots because that’s where the only constructive suggestions are to be found — how to come to grips with our enormous dilemmas: the atom bomb, overpopulation. This is the best way of solving all our problems which appear insoluble.” – Marie-Louis von Franz