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2 new poems

Posted in jason elijah's poems with tags , on February 8, 2010 by jason elijah

poem 1

any dream
you choose to dream
can be the thing
you think it to be
it already is
and always has been
so don’t even think
about it

poem 2

has to be
or nothing
ever was
but every thing
is some thing
no matter what
it does
making this just
another thing
the lesson learned –
do not cling
to any thing

it could be true

Posted in jason elijah's poems with tags , , on January 16, 2010 by jason elijah

it could be true
that words are useless
and nothing can be said
that really means
beyond what I see
or what you think
will be
it could be just a dream
it could just be
a fantasy
nothing can be said
about it
you are the things
you see
upon the screen
it could be everything

either way

Posted in jason elijah's poems with tags , on January 13, 2010 by jason elijah

do something
or not
be ready to move
when moved
and sleep
to dream

moving on

Posted in jason elijah's poems with tags , on January 4, 2010 by jason elijah

let go
pushed out
for a shout
gone through
the window
where is her
of gracious
or spacious
are both the same
when put together
we get to the start
light as a feather
your heart
is one part


Posted in jason elijah's poems, jason elijah's songs with tags , , , on December 9, 2009 by jason elijah

This was written as a song, but I like it as a poem, so here are the lyrics…

“Cloudy” by j elijah

each day that you come down
from your cloud
and you see what’s going on
around you
you integrate
the people that you see
you don’t separate
what you see
that you’re one with them
you know this to be
a basic reality

you come down from your cloud
and you see
a crowd around you
bowing down before you
what do you expect to think
except that you
are so wonderful, so wonderful
but aren’t the ones that you see
on their knees
wonderful as well

in between hypotheses
I see somewhere sneaking
around there
a dream about which
we must be so aware
and that is the one that brings
us together
the one so, so light as a feather
it floats here and there
through all the thousands
of lights there
so bright there
I can’t believe
this is what they see

can you believe anything
when you know what’s
really in there
how can you believe anything
when you know
the truth about what’s
been going on for centuries
can you believe
can you be released
from the chains of
of anything that keeps
you from being
who you are
you feel is real in yourself
but you don’t hurt anyone else, no
just don’t hurt anyone else, no

in between your dreams
there’s another reality
it’s the one that you don’t see
it’s the one in your friends
and your enemies, I said
that you don’t see
is your friends
and your enemies

All life is spiritual

Posted in The Spirit with tags , on June 17, 2009 by jason elijah

Having the desire to live a spiritual life can be a weird thing to deal with. You start to have these random realizations every now and then. This possibly comes from reading the works of spiritual teachers, studying various religious teachings, or sitting in a sort of zen daze. So you’re taking in all this new information and being exposed to new perspectives, and these insights start to come about. One of the tricky realizations is that desire itself needs to be let go. So you really shouldn’t even have a desire to live a spiritual life in the first place, since all desire should be released. That’s a weird issue. However, a good thing to come and help with this is the realization that all life is spiritual, so you’re already living a spiritual life, there’s no way not to. Well, that makes things easy. I’ll use the blog here to talk more about these things sometimes. Please feel free to share any insights of your own.

You are the Savior

Posted in The Spirit with tags , , , on May 29, 2009 by jason elijah

When you accept
for your suffering
you realize
that you create
your own pain
you begin to see
that you also create
from yourself
your own joy
your own bliss
your own heaven
your own enlightenment
in all the myths
You are the Savior


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