All life is spiritual

Having the desire to live a spiritual life can be a weird thing to deal with. You start to have these random realizations every now and then. This possibly comes from reading the works of spiritual teachers, studying various religious teachings, or sitting in a sort of zen daze. So you’re taking in all this new information and being exposed to new perspectives, and these insights start to come about. One of the tricky realizations is that desire itself needs to be let go. So you really shouldn’t even have a desire to live a spiritual life in the first place, since all desire should be released. That’s a weird issue. However, a good thing to come and help with this is the realization that all life is spiritual, so you’re already living a spiritual life, there’s no way not to. Well, that makes things easy. I’ll use the blog here to talk more about these things sometimes. Please feel free to share any insights of your own.