The Sacred in Ourselves: 3 talks by Krishnamurti

Here are three videos by the most wonderful spiritual teacher/philosopher, Jiddu Krishnamurti. You can watch here or download the mp4 videos individually for your archive.

Krishnamurti with Huston Smith [mp4]

Crisis in Ourselves [mp4]

Beyond Myth & Tradition: The Sacred [mp4]

Krishnamurti documentary

Jiddu Krishnamurti was trained by the Theosophical Society to be a great spiritual leader, but he later separated from the organization and declared that the only path to Truth is within yourself. All organized religions and institutions are hindrances to true freedom and enlightenment. This is a wonderful and inspiring documentary about Krishnamurti’s life and teachings.

Krishnamurti enlightens the children

In 1984, spiritual teacher Jiddu Krishnamurti gave an interactive talk with a group of school children, and the lesson was filmed. Krishnamurti invites the children to sit with him and openly express themselves, and he lovingly inspires them to think, ask questions and reflect. The talk begins with a question about the difference between concentration and meditation, then explores various subjects such as corruption, selfishness, image, religion and insecurity. He emphatically says, “Don’t be corrupt. It doesn’t matter if you die for it.” He also says, “don’t ever promise unless you are absolutely going to carry it out.” Krishnamurti’s dramatic closing statements — “You are memory. The whole of your being is memory… Without memory you are nothing… And memory is not truth” — seemed to perplex the kids, but it was all for the sake of expanding minds. Endless thanks to the Krishnamurti Foundations for sharing this video treasure. Watch below.

Annie Besant explores the Truth

I’ve been reading a few books by Annie Besant, and was very pleased to find this documentary on youtube. Watch here or save the mp4 version. Besant was an important figure in the mystical Theosophy movement of the late 1800s/early 1900s, which believes all humanity (all existence, even) is one family, and that there is an underlying Truth to all the major world religions and mystic traditions.

I did not know before watching this video that the theosophists “discovered” Jiddu Krishnamurti, and Annie Besant trained him to be a “gentleman” and spiritual teacher (many saw him as a messiah figure; he officially separated from the Theosophical Society in 1929). I also did not know that Annie Besant was an activist for social reform, workers’ rights and women’s rights, creating scandal with her endorsement of birth control. She is probably best known for her explorations into spirituality and religion, and her campaign for democratic independence in India.

Chopra and Krishnamurti agree, we are all God

These video clips are from the “Seduction of Spirit” retreat at the Chopra center for healing. Deepak elaborates on Krishnamurti‘s statement that we are all divine, and everything is God. He also explains Vedanta in less than two minutes. Nice!